What Is Your Wolf Name?

There are 5 main wolf names. Are you a Wolf Pup? Are you a rogue? Are you a jealous wolf fake? Are you a keen follower? Or even Alpha? Until now you could only wonder...

Are YOU the Alpha? There is only one way to find out! Have a go at this quiz to find out. Also to get the Alpha rank is really hard but possible! So good luck!

Created by: Elizabeth

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  1. The Alpha is in trouble!
  2. You see a human in the distance.
  3. The Alpha is holding a competition! The one who brings back the most prey from the hunt will fight at their side!
  4. A Wolf Pup is in trouble!
  5. What is the answer to this question?
  6. You just got back from a hunt. Your pack is eating a bunch.
  7. You are going into war!
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  10. What is your faverouite type of meat?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Wolf Name?