What is your rank in a wolf pack?

Everyone wants to be a wolf, but if you ever joined a wolf pack as one of those lovely canines, you might be the leader of the lowest-ranked wolf there, right? But.. How do you know which rank you'd be?

Does it depend if you're.. Kind? Mean? Honorable? I think it does, so I put together a quiz that will tell you just what your rank is! Good luck.. Everyone wants to be alpha ;)

Created by: Speedyscout
  1. There's a snowstorm, and you hear an abandoned wolf pup.. But you have a young wolf, of only about 10 months, with you! What do you do?
  2. You and three wolves are crossing a road in the forest when suddenly a car rushes towards you! What do you do?
  3. You're hunting when the Pack's alpha is kicked by the elk! What do you do?
  4. You are patrolling the territory when you're ambushed by some wolves! One pins you and says, "Hey, 'Wolf Pack'. You're on rogue territory.. Wanna die?!"
  5. You and the Alpha are going to fight for his rank.. The one who kills the other or knocks the other unconscious wins. What is your strategy?
  6. You have to choose between 5 wolves to get a mate. They all have different pelt colors and abilities. Choose one..
  7. This one doesn't do anything, but what would your wolf name be?
  8. If you where a wolf, what prey would you like to hunt?
  9. The river is flooding! A cub is stuck on a faraway log, and a wolf is stuck on a near one. You're on an island, and need to save them.. But which to save first??
  10. Which predator out of these would you prefer to face? And why?

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Quiz topic: What is my rank in a wolf pack?