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  • Your Result: Elegant Sophisticate 79%

    Shy? Never! You're a regular glamour-puss who loves the spotlight. And when it comes to the big day, you want to make a statement. So go as dramatic as you dare in a dress that's short and chic or something long and super sleek. If it shimmers and glimmers, all the better. Invite your guests to revel in a loft, art gallery or any restaurant with a funky downtown vibe. Illuminate the setting with gobs of flickering votives, in varying shapes and heights. For a splash of vibrant color, choose exotic long-stemmed flowers in rich reds, deep purples or fiery oranges. And whatever you do, don't forget to pass the martinis!

    71% Classic elegance
    64% Fairytale Romance
    34% Uniquely you
    24% Rustic outdoors

  • Your Result: Uniquely you 74%

    You eschew tradition and favor putting your own unique mark on your wedding. Your wedding day isn't about the details -- you couldnt care less if the icing on your wedding cake matches the color of the napkins -- but about the love you are celebrating. You don't have a specific vision of how the day will look, but you know that you want the event to be relaxed and casual. You want your wedding to be a reflection of your personality; whether it's having your brother and best male friends serve as your "bridesmaids," writing your own vows and choosing your favorite poems to be read or giving your bouquet to the longest-married couple in lieu of the traditional toss to the single women, you show that you aren't afraid to be yourself.

    56% Fairytale Romance
    46% Classic elegance
    44% Elegant Sophisticate
    40% Rustic outdoors

    Cool quiz! I actually really do want my wedding to reflect me and my future husbands personalities.

  • She was totally wrong I wanted a short simple dress and pretty garden wedding with bright but natural colors she said I wanted a big ball gown a ball room with lots of people! Wtf?????

  • Nope this not what kind of wedding i want. i want something bascially with green and white so yea its a irish wedding and my man is going too be well u know irish

  • I enjoyed taking this quiz. You give me ideas in my wedding soon. I love it!

  • Sort of right... halfway there.

  • Uniquily me duh!my dress would be extremely short and black


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