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  • You might be described as unpleasant or always complaining, but no one can say they hate you. For some reason, people just enjoy having you around. You can be funny with your complaints or outbursts in class. Just shouting out something in the middle of class makes you famous.

    But--but I'm NOT grumpy!!! And I always make ppl laugh and they never want me to leave

  • That was a really good quiz.. I got sarcastic, even though i'm not funny. People say I ruin all jokes.

  • sarcastic, NO, really? how'd you know! do you know me? are we like, related? -it was right, i am sarcastic AND funny, aren't i wonderful?- cool quiz.

    rock chick xP
  • Hahaha, dark vampire! Lol. I got the cool casual type, i don't ruin jokes, i create them! Good quiz, i give you a 10!

  • im the first person to be in this comment section in a century


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