What is your style aesthetic?

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If you want to find out what your style is just take my quiz. I always used to struggle with trying to see what I should wear and I just did not know what style suited me.

Find out what a girl's aesthetic is. I am a baddie But I thought I was a vsco but then I realize I was not and I can wear clothes that make me feel confident and powerful. -

Created by: Caroline

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. What hairstyle do you wear every day?
  3. How much makeup do you wear?
  4. Do you wear sunglasses
  5. Do you like oversized t-shirts?
  6. Do you like nature?
  7. How many friends do yo have?
  8. What shoes do you wear?
  9. Do you wear wigs?
  10. What type of earings do you wear?
  11. What color hair do yo have?
  12. Do you have long nails?
  13. Have you got A Boyfriend?
  14. Do you have instagram?
  15. How many followers do you have on tiktok, insta, snapchat, facebook?
  16. Are y0u sasSSy?
  17. Are you pretty?

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Quiz topic: What is my style aesthetic?