What Is Your Style?

What is your style? Is it funky,sweet,trendy, or drab? Well, take my quiz to find out if what people say and what you thing is really true. NOTE: very accurate

There are many people who think that what they feel about their own style is true. But, sometimes they can be wrong. If you really wanna know that your style is, take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Shan

  1. Your favorite clothing store is:
  2. When buying socks, you go for:
  3. Who do you say is the best shopping buddy?
  4. When you first enter your favorite store, which isle do you run to first?
  5. The perfect jacket is:
  6. The perfect pair of jeans:
  7. When you buy a handbag, the things you look for are:
  8. Your bed comforter looks:
  9. Your favorite color nailpolish:
  10. How do you wear your hair:

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Quiz topic: What Is my Style?