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  • Happiness. That sounds like me. But more my friend, Shimmer. She makes sure everyone is happy, and helps others before herself. If you don't know her, you should meet her. She's very friendly!

    Vampirina Jun 15 '18, 8:57AM
  • Heeheehee.. i am greedy person . Thanks to quiz creator .
    Luv ya

    jemah jempot Apr 6 '18, 11:33PM
  • This quiz is stupid...I got lust, and that's the least powerful of all of my sins! And you didn't consider people that don't have any friends or get offended by sex or whatever! You can go screw off.

    FireyDeath4 Apr 6 '18, 7:32PM
  • What is wrong with this quiz? I'm not sad all the time! And when happiness is next up on the list... You just had a bunch of disasters mentioned in your quiz, so if I feel bad, then it's because I'm CARING. Terrible quiz.

    Stardust1 May 20 '17, 8:47PM
  • I got jealousy

    Like wtf I'm not ever jealous

    Hiccstrid Oct 11 '16, 8:23PM
  • This is me, sadness. I get upset easily. This is true. Its a little embarrassing

    Isaberr Jul 2 '16, 1:47AM
  • I got sadness, not surprised i was clinically depressed for a year and a half as a teenager, never got the confidence back and can't find love.

    tomahawker314 Nov 25 '14, 1:59PM
  • Holy crap, jealousy. Wanting what you can't have? That is exactly me.
    Though the me not having fear part is wrong; I have fear, but I have fear of not being good enough and of being annoying. Does that count? xD
    Oh yeah and I forgot about that I'm paranoid. (I have paranoia xD) but yeah..does that count as fear?

    mecroshac Oct 25 '14, 1:38AM
  • fear lol, it's probably true since it took me five minutes to get the guts to post this

    loljames Aug 7 '14, 4:54PM
  • Sadddness

    lindseyt Jul 26 '14, 5:12PM
  • Anger. Well i do get angry a lot and cant control it soo wasnt that suprised!

    zoe87xi Jul 26 '14, 10:11AM
  • Sadness.
    What's that s'posed to mean?! ;A; (lol..)

    RainInTheShadows Jun 28 '13, 1:57AM
  • happy

    ceuenfe Jul 11 '12, 10:03PM
  • happy nice care cute preaty

    ceuenfe Jul 11 '12, 10:02PM
  • Love/Happiness!yay! lovely quiz!:)

    TatiJudith3 Jun 5 '11, 12:12PM
  • Well i didnt know i was sad but i was verry confused and i hve no greed witch is good cuz steriotypes of americans are greedy but i had no clue that im sad i wonder why now?!?!

    kiki123456789 May 4 '11, 7:13PM
  • i got sadness which is tru but i dont cry very often and i can with stand alot of pain

    xevx Jul 1 '10, 10:01PM
  • Jealousy? Well that's just because I don't care about most things I guess, but what I do care about, are more important to me than I am. So I'd say love and jealousy are about tied when it comes to me :P

    paradox4 Apr 29 '10, 11:29AM
  • Hate/Anger.
    I'm gonaa tell you the truth, I kind of expected it.

    Nahae Jan 27 '10, 8:35PM
  • It appears love and peace and prosperity is your strongest emotion. You want everyone to be just as happy as you don't want anyone hurt and will do anything to make everyone smile
    yay i am a happy person!! and i love people that i dont even know which is kinda weird...but oh well!!!!

    Milk N Cookies Jan 27 '10, 6:03PM
  • I got guilt or regret... oh come on how bad could I have been?

    I like music Jan 27 '10, 11:02AM
  • great quiz!

    beauty13 Jan 27 '10, 6:57AM

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