What is your sport?

There are many kind of sports but what is your kinda of sport to play. Sports are not for everyone you know. But there is one sport for everyone. Some sports include basketball, soccer, and my favorite track.

Are you sure you are playing the right sport. I think if you take this quiz you will find your sport Did you even take this quiz, if not try right now.

Created by: Patrick LL
  1. Whats your body type?
  2. How is your arm muscles
  3. How fast can you run.
  4. How is your team skills Are you good at working with a team.
  5. Hand coordination passing
  6. Stanima
  7. How high could you jump
  8. Skate, sprint, long distance
  9. What is your favorite sport
  10. How was this quiz Doesn't affect quiz

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Quiz topic: What is my sport?