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  • 3 ppl who go to my school r named sam, but none of them fit the hot desription

    wasae Dec 29 '10, 8:06PM
  • Thats interesting... =)

    x_brii_x Mar 30 '10, 9:18PM
  • Really?

    Wonderless Mar 30 '10, 2:54PM
  • WTF! um.. Ya you f---ing people need to update! Cause i know for a fact my soulmates name is not JOHN! my bf's name is Anthony! :p

    KailahM01 Mar 18 '10, 5:33PM
  • could you add jerad, i did not get him, pls

    ashartist Jan 5 '10, 5:32PM
  • wtf! my soulmates name is not reagan!!

    Rayana Oct 6 '09, 10:12AM
  • i feel the same way withrachcab21

    vcsing Aug 27 '09, 6:47PM
  • hey guys guess what my real name is angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    vcsing Aug 27 '09, 6:45PM
  • I got Sam.

    silverstar_9 Jul 27 '09, 12:10AM
  • Your Result: trey/emily

    your soulmate is dark, gothic or emo. they love playing video games and wearing spikes. other names are danny, skylar, erica, amanda and scott oh and they love listening to hard rock and screamo

    Trey ? Ummm.. I'm pretty sure my recent BF is my soul-mate and his name is Jacob. :D

    Skatergrl223 Jul 21 '09, 12:41PM
  • I got sam/rachel...this quiz was stupid *waste of timee* xx

    Rimsha_x Jul 19 '09, 2:32PM
  • my girlfriends name is lanie? ellie? sorta alike

    mattbat Jul 9 '09, 10:04AM
  • this quiz is wack, im my own soulmate

    twin Jul 4 '09, 5:58PM
  • I got danny! That's my fiances name

    ChelsBelles Jul 3 '09, 5:23PM
  • Trey? Uh...Weird? Sounds hot,but I was hoping for a name like David or Robert,though I have no choice since it wasn't on the quiz.

    rachcab21 Jul 2 '09, 9:18PM
  • O_O the scary thing is it says "Sam" and that the person is very artistic and they draw dark pictures...I have a friend named Savant and her nickname is Sam and she draws punky, dark kind of stuff.....thats so f---ING scary!!!! Im bi but i dont swing to girls at all rly, and i has no attraction to her. thank god

    Nuffy Jun 27 '09, 7:14PM
  • awsome that is exactly what i wanted 2 hear!

    1hotdog Jun 22 '09, 2:08AM
  • Trey. He sounds hot. Well the name.

    depressedemogirl Jun 15 '09, 6:50PM
  • dustin is not a stupid name marty is a stupid name!

    leos lover Jun 15 '09, 2:21PM
  • nice quiz i love da name Trey & i like how u made him exactly like I am emo dark & so on nice job

    MrsBlack Jun 15 '09, 2:19PM
  • These names are too plain.And none of the boy names are hot.im am not a girly girl here and i think dustin is a stupid name.

    Marty Jun 15 '09, 12:19PM
  • i do not like this quiz, i do not like anyone of these names on here. and if i do they r just plain ugly

    x aka mrlq x Jun 15 '09, 3:34AM

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