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  • Your Result: Spring 84%

    resultYou are spring! The beautiful time of the year when the freezing cold winter fades away, and the flowers are beginning to bloom again. Spring is often rainy and rainbows show up all over the place. The birds begin migrating home during Spring. You have a kind, curious personality, and you are friendly and always try to see the good in people. You are very empathetic and have a quiet and calming personality. You often spend your time daydreaming.

    45% Winter
    12% Summer 4%

    Nice quiz! It had a lot of great questions and this was definitely not what I was expecting but this almost describes my personality perfectly

  • Your Result: Winter 85%

    resultYou are winter! The season of hot chocolate, falling snow, and cuddling by a fire place. Winter is the coldest time of the year, and also the most beautiful. You have an independent and quiet personality, and you are very loyal and dependable. You are very creative and have a great imagination. You are a kind person, but you know how to stand up for yourself and would defend your friends and family no matter what.

    Yeah, that sounds like me.

  • I got spring I'm maybe a spring baby but spring is not my favorite season it's fall when it's cold and the leaf turn orange and yellow the day of pie

  • I got winter and I am not ashamed to say its accurate and surprisingly specific Good Job!

  • Winter

    Also, I'm fairly surprised that I got 0% summer. Well, I do hate summer.

  • Wow um. So in the test I am mainly fall then summer then winter?....

    I think it should be winter, fall, summer.

  • My result was summer yay i love summer i like the beach i love hanging with the fam and everything !yay!i also like fall!

  • Spring, winter, summer, and fall. Just wanted to say i guess....

  • Yeah, Winter!
    0% Summer, yay! I hate summer.

  • Summer? Hell nah... I love cold weather


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