What is your royal name?

What royal name do you have?There are a bit crazy but still it's fun! This is my second quiz so it's wierd! My first was a disaster..... So have fun! It should be fun! And funny!So yeah.

If you just go ahead and stop reading RIGHT NOW you can begin the quiz! It's waiting go ahead! Find your royal name! I am Queen Lucy I think. I don't remember.Go ahead and start answering!!!

Created by: Say wha

  1. What is your fave school subject?
  2. What is yor fave color?
  3. What is the worlds tallest tree? (Not biggest)
  4. What is the correct smiley 4 wink?
  5. How old am I as of Jan,31,2015?
  6. How many questions are there? (Guess don't look.)
  7. Is this quiz fun?
  8. What is under your bed?
  9. Are you half asleep?
  10. Are you bored?
  11. Last question.

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Quiz topic: What is my royal name?