How royal are you?

Royalty is a special thing. It is a beauty and a splendor to be considered royal. Everyone can at least imagine the kings and queens sitting on their thrones in old fairytales!

Are you royal? Do you have what it takes to have the power of a majestic monarch? Today will be the day you find out! After you take this quiz, you will finally know if you're worthy to take the throne.

Created by: callalar1

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  1. Which store do you like to shop at the most?
  2. Do you believe in magic?
  3. What house do you live in?
  4. What do you drive?
  5. What is the type of restaurant you eat at?
  6. What phone do you have?
  7. What kind of job do you have?
  8. If you are still in school, what is it like?
  9. What manners do you have?
  10. Will you rate and comment the quiz?

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Quiz topic: How royal am I?