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  • This is Tigerstar. I am from the warriors series, i have come to extract my revenge on the world! I killed dozens of cats with my ruthless serch for power, and it was fun! I now roam the dark forest, and am currently training the warriors of the dark forest to do battle on the world, but right now i will settle for annoying the crap out of everyone! hehehehe! If you like this and dont want to get brutaly slaughted in your sleep, then you will post this on ten quizzes or more. Just remember, im a cat, which means I can get in most places people cant, and I have extremly sharp claws that will rip your throat open. >;)

  • You are a jock.

    You play many sports and are rather slender from all that exercise you get. Your outfit of choice is jeans and an old t- shirt. You don't like to let people see you show emotion, and when you get mad, you take it out aggresively on other people or things. Your friends may be mostly boys that play the same sports as you. You are a very funny person, and can make anyone laugh. :D

    HUH?..not me at all....

    satan and emos
  • I think this is the most accurate personality quiz I've ever taken. I got shy and wasn't a girly-girl or popular. It's perfectly accurate.

  • what about the girls who shop at places like Hot Topic and Spencer's and r emo and/or goth?

    satan and emos
  • popular? i don't see myself as popular. but I do have alot of friends is that what you mean by popular??

  • im a shy person

  • lk u old freak iamtigerstar dnt like quizezz get ur but out of here !


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