What is your number sense?

We all use numbers every day but very few people know how they work in theory. This quiz is actually quite simple if you know your stuff, though it will seem quite difficult if you don't.

Give it a whirl and see just how good you are with numbers. If you are a student, challenge your classmates and even your teachers! If you are no longer in school, see how much you remember and compare with what you remember being taught when you were.

Created by: Scott

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  1. An odd number times an even number is always:
  2. If a and b are both < 0, then a - b is:
  3. Which of the following numbers is divisible by 11?
  4. What comes next in the list 1,3,7,15,...
  5. Which one doesn't belong?
  6. What is the sum of the first 100 counting numbers?
  7. You receive the following job offer: Work for $.01 the first day. Each day pays double the previous day's wages. This continues for 30 days. Do you accept this deal?
  8. Assuming no intermarrages, how many great-great-great grandparents are in your ancestory?
  9. What is the geometric mean of 1 , 9 and 3?
  10. The students in a history test took an exam and the average score was 80. Which of the following actions would raise the class average the most?
  11. x + y = 28 and xy = 7. What is 1/x + 1/y?
  12. If a $ b is defined as ab - a + b, then what is the value of 4 $ 5?
  13. In a certain code, the numbers 8-6-13-23-26-2 stand for S-U-N-D-A-Y and 21-9-18-23-26-2 stand for F-R-I-D-A-Y. What day of the week do 7-19-6-9-8-23-26-2 stand for?
  14. a,b,c,d and e are 5 numbers, all > 0, such that a < b < c < d < e. Which one of the following has the biggest value?
  15. If x is a negative number, which of the following is always negative?

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Quiz topic: What is my number sense?