What Is Your Most Noticeable Trait?

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Hi! Here's a short, simple quiz. It's for girls, and it's guessing your most easy to see personality traits! There are five choices. And I hope you get a good one.

See, some of these aren't the greatest personality traits to have. But it's important to still recognize if these traits are yours! I hope no one gets them though, because that will mean we have some not so great people in the world, and I don't want that. Anyways, enjoy!

Created by: AlligatorWeirdhead
  1. Have you been called outwardly beautiful by anyone other than yourself?
  2. What about kind? Has anyone who's not you called you kind?
  3. You see a very poor, homeless, widowed woman and her college-age daughter. Her daughter can't go to college because they're too poor. What do you say?
  4. Pretend you're an only child, if you're not. You're used to getting all the attention from your mom and dad. Suddenly, a baby brother arrives! All your parents attention is on him now. How do you react?
  5. You are jumping on a trampoline. Suddenly, your best friend falls off and hits her head on a rock! She starts bleeding bad. What do you do?
  6. You're looking at yourself in your mirror. Then you hear a shriek. The TV and Blu-Ray and VCR all fell on your little sis! (Pretend if you have to, this question is important.) You don't know this of course, but what do you say or do?
  7. You've had a super tough day. (It may be at school, or the library or something, but somewhere away from home.) Like always after you come home, your mom asks if everything went okay. What do you do?
  8. What do you think your most noticeable trait is?
  9. A horse is being killed so it can become dog food (I know, lovely picture. But that really happens. It's horrible.) You do what?
  10. Okay: was this boring? This whole quiz?

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