what is your mideval class

Because of the amount of questions, you can only get up to a sixty on this quiz for each result. Do not despair, you can get five different results depending on the questions.

I need to put text here or I cant submit the test so here you go. fish cicada3301 bored almost there illuminati666 "I have a need for speed" jacksepticeye

Created by: quizmaka

  1. what is your best skill
  2. what enemy do you hate the most
  3. how do you defeat your enemies
  4. what is your fighting style
  5. what is your medieval job
  6. what are you and your friends like
  7. how would you like to help in a war
  8. what is your favorite weapon
  9. which way of fighting
  10. favorite movie

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Quiz topic: What is my mideval class