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  • What is your middle school Image?
    Your Result: Punk/Rebel

    You don't take crap from anyone!You do what you want when you want! You like the color black and have a fondness for Punk/Rock Music. No one ever messes with you at school and you basiclly treat it like it's yours. You'll be pretty Popular, but you'll be looking for some trouble as well...

    Student Government
    Best People Ever!!!
    XD I find this intresting. Cool quiz!

    Magical Nonsense
  • My Result: Best People Ever!!! 88%

    result. This fits into my position at school! Most would call us "Losers" Or "Nerds!" But we are nether We are our own kind of unique. We have the most fun, The Most awesome friends and more importantly We know how Stupid the popular people act! We don't have to be popular to fit In! Because we already rule the school The populars just don't know yet...

  • I got Best People Ever and I totally agree!!! Thats exactly what people in my friend group are like.

  • I'm a punk and rebel? Someone called me rebel once 0.0

  • Awsome, this is so true am a nerd


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