what is your math age

there a lot of smart people in the world maybe you. if you don't know what smart means it mean if you know multiples of things that many other people don't know

Are you a math nerd go and take the what is your math age and a few minutes you will find out if you the champion of the whole universe in math,

Created by: panjikar

  1. 2+2
  2. 12+12-6=
  3. 12*9+7-1
  4. what is 1.224 as a percentage
  5. 1/4+1/2=
  6. what is the degree of a triangle
  7. 7 to the power of 3
  8. what does log 10 equal to
  9. what is the value of the expression 5(-18+12)-4 + 1
  10. log 5 * log 3 =

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Quiz topic: What is my math age