what is your main entertainment

This is a text to see if u do movie music texting or all but the results are only television or other entertainment that you do sorry for the mean questions and such.

Enjoy this text it contains twelve questions and maybe really stupid and mean but half of this might actually be something you do for your tv and yes I ain't good with grammar

Created by: superheroines rule

  1. What do u do on ur freetime
  2. How often do u do that answer
  3. What is it second choice
  4. Bye
  5. Not really bye
  6. What is he 3rd choice
  7. What would u do if u can't do tv
  8. What would u do if there was no music texting or tv
  9. What if u would lose it tv if u wouldn't turn in a friend what would u do
  10. Bye now thanks for doing this

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Quiz topic: What is my main entertainment