what is your iq

Want to prove how smart you are to your friends? Use my 15 question quiz to determine who has more wits! This will give you a rating of 100% to 0% correct with 50% being average.

My quiz also compares your score with a future for your level of smarts. Are you super smart or super dumb? Only one way to find out! Take my awesome quiz!

Created by: Javin Irwin
  1. what two mammals lay eggs?
  2. what is the tiniest country?
  3. how many countries are there?
  4. how many people are on earth?
  5. where did people come from?
  6. what do we breathe?
  7. what is the tallest mountain?
  8. what year did people step on the moon?
  9. how many official languages does india have?
  10. how many countries are in europe (not the EU)?
  11. which snake strangles you?
  12. what is two in spanish?
  13. which of these are not a food chain?
  14. what is mexican money called?
  15. what year did the us declare independence?

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