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lets see what kind of warrior you are? HAVE FUN *Yeets farts in to your face after you give a horable rating* YOUR MEAN FOR THE BAD RATING (if you give it one)

lets see if your a good warrior. UwU pls rate the quiz *gives bing hug for rating this quiz greatly* THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE RATING (if it is a good rating)

Created by: paige or sage
  1. witch of the leaders are ur fav (sorry if i miss spell)
  2. witch collor fur do u think u would have if u were turned into a warrior cat
  3. help or not
  4. were you killed in the fight
  5. are you a she cat or a tom
  6. gay, straight or bi
  7. if gray stripe was your best friend would you... after he started mating with silver stream
  8. good at hunting or fighting
  9. get rid of one of these cats
  10. LAST QUESTION- witch warrior had the saddest death

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