what is your ideal song

there are many people who thimk they know everything about themselves well then what is your ideal song if you don't know then take this quiz it will tell you your secret song inside you then when you know you can try to change your bad points!

the question is what is your ideal song well find out in this quiz it could reveal all your hidden bad point and it could reveal all your good points aswell i hope you learn and also have fun in this quiz and enjoy it as much as i had in making it!

Created by: lois
  1. what is your way of flirting?
  2. a girl called you a name what do you say or do?
  3. what is your fave transport?
  4. if you could do anything what would it be?
  5. what is your ideal outfit?
  6. if you could choose your name what would it be?
  7. if you had a pet what would you choose?
  8. if you could have any colour of hair what would it be?
  9. if you could be someone famous who would you be?
  10. if you could get married at any age what would it be?

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Quiz topic: What is my ideal song