What is your ideal pet?

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This will show you what your ideal pet is. I hope this will help you if you are planning to buy a future pet. If you are doing this for fun, I hope you'll enjoy it! If you are doing this because you are bored, I hope I got your boredom away ^^

Your ideal pet could be a dog, fish, rabbit or a bird.I had more pets in mind, but I was too lazy and tired to put them... hehe... don't get mad at me... lol

Created by: Rainbow

  1. What is your favourite pet?
  2. Do you have an apartment or private house?
  3. Are you planning on getting a pet
  4. do you like the dangerous pets or no?
  5. when you were younger did you want: ?
  6. Do you have friends?
  7. Do you live on your own or with your parents?
  8. Are you scared of any of these pets?
  9. What colour do you want your pet?
  10. You like halloween (not very relatable)

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Quiz topic: What is my ideal pet?