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  • What is your grandma name?
    Your Result: Madelyn

    Hello, Madelyn! (: You are the concerned, friendly one with everyones best interest in mind! The one who always knows what best for everyone with that little grandma sense of yours. Your family and friends adore you and you certainly adore them and care for them unconditionally.

    thank you!!! i loved ur quiz!

  • Grandma Ruth,I am funny exspecially when it comes to making puns but I don't really care much about family sense most my family has nothing to do with me but it's whatever. Cool quiz anyways.

  • Rose? So i am forgetful? Ug.... Ok that is not me!

  • Nice. My grandma name is RUTH

  • Judith, madelyn, rose, wakamba, simba, nyong'o

    Awesome names ^,^

    jemah jempot
  • te neim of mai grandmoter is judith :)

    yeimi baldes

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