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  • What is your Fursona?
    Your Result: Feline (Tiger, lion, cat) 93%

    You're cuddly and lovable, but watch out! You can be quick to get up and go and sometimes those claws will come out and attack. As long as you're happy, so is everyone else!

    86% Canine (wolf, dog, fox)
    81% Equine (horse, MLP, unicorn)
    62% Extinct (Saber tooth, dinosaur, mammoth)

    43% Mythological (dragon, griffon, hippogriff)

    24% Rodent (rat, mouse, bunny)

  • What is your Fursona?
    Your Result: Canine (wolf, dog, fox)

    You are a cunning yet friendly furry. You love to be in a pack, but sometimes may need your space. All in all, you're a fun loving fur that just wants someone to hang with!

    true and thanks this quiz was awesome


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