What is your fifa rating in soccer?

You are interested in fifa or soccer right take this quiz to see how good you are. If you take this quiz you will know now how good you are share this with your friends and family they will be amazed or a laughing stock but whatever you o in life be honest.

You will be happy or dull after this quiz so choose wisely and be honest. Fifa is the best game in the universe BTW. See your own fifa rating and see what player or players you level up with. GOOD LUCK!!!

Created by: Muhammad
  1. How much are you excited about soccer?
  2. Are you the most efficient dribbler in your team with the ball?
  3. How many times can you juggle the ball?
  4. Do players pass to you when you are open?
  5. What is your skill rating from 1-10
  6. How good is your touch with the ball?
  7. How good is your shooting
  8. How good is your passing?
  9. Do you get tired often?
  10. How good is your defence?

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Quiz topic: What is my fifa rating in soccer?