Daily FIFA World Cup Trivia

Welcome to FIFA World Cup Daily Trivia with new questions daily during the FIFA World Cup. This is a true test for football fans from around world.

Take this quiz and show your mates that you know your FIFA World Cup football trivia. You can gain bragging rights with a strong performance in today's daily trivia.

Created by: Scotty

  1. How many teams at FIFA World Cup 2014?
  2. Before the 2014 tournament who has scored the most FIFA World Cup goals?
  3. How many goals has the top goal scorer scored in FIFA World Cups?
  4. FIFA World Cup 2014 will be the ?? Australia has played in?
  5. Which team has finished in the Top Four the most times at FIFA World Cups?
  6. Which FIFA World Cup had the most goals with 171 scored?
  7. Which country is the only team to appear in every FIFA World Cup?
  8. Which team at the FIFA World Cup is the first alphabetically?
  9. Who won the Golden Boot at FIFA World Cup 2010 with five goals based on dead heat rules?
  10. Which country won the first FIFA World Cup in 1930?

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