What will be your FIFA Card rating

So actually this quiz is all about what will be your card rating which is ** so you 👉 guys maybe enjoyed this quiz maybe you did not but I made it with full determination

Will you be nice at it?? Well if you had 85% to 100% then you are on the Messi and Ronaldo level and if you guys enjoyed this quiz just comment 💬 down below

Created by: Sayyam Shahzad

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your playing style??
  2. What would be your position
  3. Which of the players is your favourite 😍😚😘😆
  4. Which team 👫👫👫 is your favourite 😍😚😘😆
  5. Do you like to perform volleys
  6. Which international team 👫👫👫I your
  7. Do you get jealous when someone else scores
  8. Do you assist more or score more
  9. Are you fat 🍰➡🐷
  10. Do you take risk

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Quiz topic: What will be my FIFA Card rating