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  • There are other types of music then just the mainstream types such as country, rap, and, uh, classical? I'm surprised rock/pop wasn't even on there, as this IS the most listened to type of music. I personally love Metal, but that wasn't even on there. How about you research before you make a quiz instead of putting the results on there that only you could conjure out of your blank head. Also, I personally believe rap music is something that shouldn't be played loudly, as it is repetitive and most people do not enjoy it. (Being heard forcefully, without their consent). Also, the artard who commented first just further proves my point about education and quizzes.

  • Your favorite type is rap. You enjoy listening to Eminem & Dr.Dre, Lil Wayne, and Pitbull. Your mom and dad are always yelling at you to turn down the music.

    this is ver ver true. lol HEY!! I'm tha first comment!! YAY! xD


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