What is your fashion style?

There are people who actually may not have fashion or have a lot. but whatever you get,i bet it is your style.You could dress up to impress people or just swipe something on. but fashion is fashion.

Do YOU have fashion? Do YOU have what it takes to be a fashionista??? well take this quiz and because of how my skills are pretty good,in less then 5 min,you will find out!

Created by: lala
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. which shoes would you rather wear?
  2. what would you wear to your FIRST date???
  3. If you could wear one hairstyle for the whole year (365 days)which would you choose???
  4. which is your favorite brands?
  5. What is your hair color?
  6. After school you like to:
  7. who is your fashion role model?
  8. quick! pick a #
  9. What do you think is tthe cutest outfit?
  10. OK!! what is something that gotta be in a boy?

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Quiz topic: What is my fashion style?