Fashion does and don'ts!

There are any people that can dress and can't some people do things that are not needed. So I want you to know some fashion does in don'ts in this fashion quiz!

Are you getting comments saying you can dress? Do you have the style to over come some things?Do you have the talents for a mindthrowing fashion quiz?Well thanks to this excellent quiz, you may find out!

Created by: Samantha Phillips

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  1. What would you do if you have no clothes in your closet that is cute?Would you go to school or you won't?
  2. This is a stupid question so go along. If you had a prom, a middle school dance or a elementry social, would you have your hair done for the event?
  3. Is it a fashion do or don't to show up at a party that is out of the dress code. Meaning if the outfit is not in party code.
  4. If you adore a guy that likes you that has a fashion don't, would you got with him?
  5. Do you a closet full of stuff that you don't need but you never take it away?
  6. Think about the first fashion thing in your head. Is this a fashion do or don't?
  7. What are you thinking now?
  8. At the end of this quiz, what are you thinking?
  9. If you can't go over but you sneak out in your pajamas, would you do your hair?
  10. DO OR DON'T???!!!

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