What is Your Element and Powers? Part One (Girls Only)

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This is a story to know what is your element and powers. There will be parts. This is Part One. If you want to do Part Two, it will probably come out at November 2018.

The story begins with starting high school. Next part will be more longer than this quiz. Note: I want to tell you that I feel like the main color of wind is purple, not gray, so don't judge the quiz.

Created by: Fire Fox

  1. Who are you in this "Find Your Element" quest?
  2. The story starts, when you start high school. That high school is located in Long Beach, California and is very hard to get in. It is the best high school in Long Beach; however, there is something wrong with school. Who's going to drive you to school?
  3. It's the first day of school. It is Period 0 (Advoisy, aka Home class). You are reading a book you found in the attric. What is it called?
  4. You turn a page and find a picture of the boy. What does he look like?
  5. It is Period 3. You have History and teacher's talking about the subject and the school. Your eyes wander and then, you saw the boy! From the picture! How do you feel?
  6. After school, you tell mom about that boy. She says, "It's time."
  7. At night, she brings you to a river. It looks like as if it is filled with stars. "You are in Elemental Magic Person," she says.
  8. "The boy," your mom says. "is the person you need to bring to this place."
  9. "He had grown up with two evil people. One is Great Hans of Qwerti. Other is Opera of Rain."
  10. The next day, you see the boy and asked for his name. He said...
  11. This is the end of Part One. Part Two will have the same title (expect of Part two part), but the result isn't which element.

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