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  • Your Result: Fire


    resultYo ur element is Fire. You are passionate, caring, fierce when angry, and HOT! Your colors are red, orange, and golden yellow. Your celstial bodies are Mars, Venus, and the Sun.






    Eaglered578 Jun 15 '16, 2:28PM
  • What is Your Element?
    Your Result: Fire

    resultYour element is Fire. You are passionate, caring, fierce when angry, and HOT! Your colors are red, orange, and golden yellow. Your celstial bodies are Mars, Venus, and the Sun.

    TrueThat Mar 19 '16, 5:10PM
  • Your Result: Plastic

    Your element is plastic, minly because of your practicall nonexistant sense of individuality. You are really boring, and your color is transparent. You don't get a planet because you litter this one. What is wrong with you?

    Isabel Star Feb 7 '16, 8:46PM
  • I'm going to do it again and see if I can get Plastic... ;)

    Isabel Star Feb 7 '16, 8:43PM
  • earth?!?!?i never thought i could get earth

    IcemanMHS7 Jul 25 '15, 5:49AM
  • Fire, 100%

    Spirit, 84%

    Earth, 71%

    Water, 65%

    Wind, 53%

    Plastic, 0%

    Silvermoon14 Mar 20 '15, 11:26PM
  • Fire 83%

    Diego Gonzalez Mar 11 '15, 3:35PM
  • Water

    Your element is Water. You are creative, relaxed, and usually calm. Your colors are blue, green, and silver. Your celestial bodies are the Moon, Neptune, and Uranus.
    Yay! I like my results

    awesomebonbons Oct 12 '14, 3:20PM
  • IM actually fire soooo...... Your quiz must be defective or some ship.

    death the kid 13 Oct 12 '14, 12:13AM
  • WHAT THE F*** MY ASTROLOGY SAYS IM EARTH. well who gives a F***

    What is Your Element?

    Your Result: Wind


    resultYo ur element is Wind. You are imaginative, gentle, free-spirited, and rather carefree. Your colors are white, silver, yellow, and sky blue. Your celestial bodies are Saturn, Unranus, and Mercury.






    DJ_Nitro Aug 17 '14, 7:34AM
  • I got water. I like that. I actually seem like water. I can be a raging waterfall or a calm serene pond. Uno problemo: I have a horrible fear of sharks. I was swimming in a lake trying to catch up to my dad who was on the paddle board, (I'm not a strong swimmer) and I saw a thin white shape coming after me, (it was my leg, I turn pale in water) and I flipped out mega. I screamed and swam "for my life" I got to shore, started to cry and said I say a shark, they looked at me like I was crazy and when I didn't say "JK" they told me 1 that it was fresh water. I told them it coul have been a young bullshark, 2 that the lake can't support I shark, I said that there were lots of fish. And 3, that no one ever saw I shark in the lake and that sharks would have been spotted. True story.

    Webkinshakers Aug 15 '14, 1:11AM
  • I'm wind anyone else? I like wind. Cool

    Sharrc16 Aug 10 '14, 1:06AM
  • Fallingledge, I like your hair and eye color
    You sound cool

    Realanimelover Jun 26 '14, 3:57PM
  • You dont want plastic
    I didnt get it but I know what it says\
    Yiu litter the wi=orld or something dunno
    Im water too

    Realanimelover Jun 26 '14, 3:56PM
  • Water. c:

    Oogiemaster Jun 15 '14, 5:27PM
  • What is Your Element?
    Your Result: Spirit

    result Your element is Spirit. You are calm, thoughtful, loyal, and soothing to be around. Your color is purple, black, and white. Every celestial body is yours.

    nonojackson101 May 2 '14, 9:51AM
  • 83% Wind and water

    EvaTheHybrid Apr 22 '14, 5:54AM
  • Water, it's ironic ain't it? I'm a pyro, but, this

    Swagster2000 Mar 24 '14, 3:10AM
  • One problem
    My hair is cyan... which wasn't one of the answers.
    and my eyes are amber... which also wasn't on there.

    FallingLedge Mar 23 '14, 2:34AM
  • I liked how professional this sounded. And what is it with all the elemental quizzes giving me water? I'm practically a river goddess...

    KachinaDoll Oct 3 '13, 3:43AM
  • 77% wind.o3o haha you put plastic on there.XD

    knucklesthegreat Jul 30 '13, 3:07PM
  • *choose not choke lol

    Alygirl9000 May 22 '13, 10:20AM

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