What is your dream vacation?

Most people go on vacation but whether they enjoy it or not is up to their personality and personal enjoyments. In this quiz, you will find out why you like some holidays and which type do you like!

What type of vacations do YOU like? Are you a thrill seeker and love theme parks? Do you just like to relax? Or do you love to party all night? Find out your dream destination here!

Created by: izzy

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You love to party?
  2. You like Disney films?
  3. You love to relax?
  4. You like learning new things?
  5. You like extreme sports?
  6. You like romance?
  7. Do you often go to nightclubs?
  8. Do you like going on roller coasters?
  9. Does a beach with golden sand, warm sun and sapphire seas sound like a dream to you?
  10. Do/did you enjoy school?
  11. Do you like the story of the lady and the tramp?

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Quiz topic: What is my dream vacation?