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If you are a magazine addict than this is the test for you!!!!! See if you can solve this Quiz on the latest gossip,stars on vacation and who's dating who.

Are YOU in the now? Have you read your magazine? Put it down now!! No Cheeting in this quiz or you can not call yourself a Magazine Dream Queen!! That's right the magazine dream Queen.

Created by: michelle

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  1. Who is the famous singing Queen?
  2. Who is the youngest star?
  3. What is the newest teen TV show
  4. When you get home what music would you listen to?
  5. Who is Talor Swift's BFF?
  6. Who is Katy Perry's Fiance?
  7. On Glee season 1, wht song did the glee star's dance to on a matress commercial
  8. What did Justin Bieber call His best day ever?
  9. Who is Joe Jonas's Girlfriend?
  10. What was Ashley Tisdale's best hair color?

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Quiz topic: Am I in the now?