which stae is your dream state

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There are many places in the world beautiful,and loud but which one do you go to I don't know? Well if you cant decide click and do this quiz.its fun and free!

Are you in need of the perfect vacation?well take this quiz to find out your crazy vacation place will it be this or that just get ready to find out!!

Created by: Brianna

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  1. you wan to go on a vacation but you don't know who to bring.who would you bring?
  2. You got a text that says "hello (name here)i was wondering if you could come to my party later?how do you respond
  3. DO you have a friend?
  4. When you dance how do you?
  5. what kind of people do you like?
  6. who do you love?
  7. who would you spend one day with?
  8. What subject do you suck at?
  9. Where is your dream vacation?
  10. You have a test tomorrow what do you do?

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Quiz topic: Which stae is my dream state