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  • What Is Your Appearance Rating From 0-10?
    Your Result: 7-8 82%

    Your appearance rating is 7-8. You are lucky, because this is considered above average! You are pretty and tons of guys like you! You have rare beauty that other people want to have! You know that one girl who you see in school, that's so pretty? Well you're actually the second prettiest in your school!

    .. ..Thanks?

  • I got 7-8 but then went back and put "conceited" and "wealthy" as my answers instead to see what would happen I got 9-10. Lol, I guess wealthy conceited girls are a 9 or 10 and if you're poor or humble you're not??? So I'm not rich, I can't be a ten? Ok...

  • I'm surprised I got 9-10.......hm. Well ok.I'd rather get actual people's opinions, but then again I think I might not want to do that lol.

  • 9-10

    Dreamgurl Mahi
  • 7-8 yay


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