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  • Your Result: Rated PG-13

    You're Rated PG-13. This rating doesn't mean you're a bad influence on kids -- it just means their parents should be "strongly cautioned" when you're around. You've got a habit of using strong language, making jokes packed with sexual innuendo, and (if you're having a really bad day) maybe even throwing stuff around. When you're funny, you are REALLY funny, but your sense of humor is a bit too grown up for a PG audience. Like Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Talladega Nights, and Twilight, your life probably includes intense adventure, brief crude or sexual humor, party scenes, and sensuality. Like this quiz? Send it to a friend! 50% of the people who took this quiz got the same evaluation. Want a badge? Here, take this one!

    That is so true lol! I like your quiz :D

  • Sry, I acidentally hit the enter button. =[
    And WE DON'T CUT!
    Only retared people do that. =P

    And also, we're not obsessed with black and dark stuff...

    Some of us just like it!
    Like ME! =D
    Yeah sry I like to ramble...
    I guess I'm "opinionated"

  • I think I might be more punk than emo. But I don't usually like using labels. I'm just Ana. That's me. Like it or leave it :)

  • Rock on DarkKitty! I'm glad somebody out there finally understands what emo really is and not the stupid sterotypes. :D

  • I is PG-13!
    Most kids parents hate me cuz I'm emo.... -.-

    I hate how people stereotype emo's all the time!

    It's a way we FEEL! Not the way we ACT!

  • PG-13 yep

  • i got pg 13... and i agree with DarkKitty... even though i do cut (sometimes) and i like black (a lot!!!)

  • i got pg13....... ok?

    x aka mrlq x
  • pg-13. hehe =P


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