What is ur life rated

I made this quiz because i was bored.And i thought it would be cool to make one and put it on my myspace.If you want to add me and you have a myspace search for Talen Justice.

If you have an account on the-n.com and want to add me.Go to your friends list and some where on ther should be a "invite friends"section just type in talen1997.And i lke cereal!!! and cheese.

Created by: Talen of this site
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. While sorting through some junk mail, you give yourself a paper cut. You'll probably:
  2. You'd be happiest at a party where:
  3. Do you own any music with explicit lyrics?
  4. Sometimes fake violence is funny. You'd be most likely to laugh at:
  5. Which best describes the last conversation you had about sex?
  6. The last time you were REALLY scared, how'd it work out?
  7. Curse words are good for:
  8. Are you good with kids?
  9. What kinda movies do u like?

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