Have You Ever??

Quiz about things you have or haven't done in your life! The quiz gives you a choice of 4 possible answers and when you have finished all of the questions you are rated as angel, almost perfect, wannabe rebel or devil!

Questions include 'have you ever smoked?' and 'have you ever kissed you friends bf?' Answers to the questions will be multiple choice answers such as 'no never' 'almost' 'once/twice' and 'yes always'!!

Created by: Cate

  1. Have You Ever Been Kissed?
  2. Have You Ever Gotten Drunk?
  3. Have You Ever Snuck Out Without Your Parents Permission?
  4. Have You Ever Smoked?
  5. Have You Ever Been To A Party Without Parents That Got Out Of Control?
  6. Have You Ever Done Drugs?
  7. Have You Ever Kissed Your Friends Bf?
  8. Have You Ever Slept With A Guy?
  9. Have You Ever Stolen Anything?
  10. Have You Ever Been Expelled From School?

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