what is the rest of the words?

there are not a lot of people out there that know what music is. but do you know what it is? what kind of music do you listen to? everything is a good choice so you dont have to be told by me to listen to something new.

what songs are these? are they your type? or not? take this quiz and if these are your kind of songs go get them if you dont already have them!!! also, show them to you friends. you might like the same stuff and could go to conserts together.

Created by: fuzzgirl
  1. b**ch by meredith brooks: "im a b**ch, im a lover, im a child, im a mother, im a sinner, im a saint-"
  2. love song by sara bareilles: "im not gonna write you a love song, cause you asked for it-"
  3. i write sins not tragedies by panic! at the disco: "i chime in" havent you people ever heard of-"
  4. not good enough for the truth in cliche by escape the fate: "sitting in this room playing russian roulette-"
  5. the great escape by boys like girls: "throw it away, forget yesterday, well make the great escape-"
  6. im like a laywer with the way im always trying to get you off by fall out boy: "me and you setting in a honemoon-"
  7. i wonder by diffuser: "because girl you mean so much to me i wish that we-"
  8. all that ive got by the used: "so deep that it even bleed and catch me off guard red handed-"
  9. the b**ch song by bowling for soup: "is it okay if i speak to you today-"
  10. who is this song by: welcome to the black parade: "when i was a young boy my father took me into the city to see a marching band"

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