What poker player are you

there are many people who like poker so i created this quiz to see who you are more like. dont pay attention to the rest of this cause i just want to finish this so this doesnt matter. they just want to many words here

do you think you are chris ferguson or gus hansen. dont pay attention to the rest of this because they want too many words and no one reads the rest of this bull anyway. so why dont they just let us put what we want here

Created by: philip

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Would you play 37 offsuit if it was raised preflop
  2. Would you always raise a pot if you were the first one to act?
  3. Would you try to bluff on the river everytime if it were checked to you
  4. of these options what are you more likely to wear
  5. can you throw a card and cut a carrot into pieces
  6. Would you listen to music while playing cards?
  7. Do you have a degree?
  8. can you play backgammon
  9. Who do you think you are more like?
  10. could you speak english when you were born
  11. Can you read people perfectly everytime

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Quiz topic: What poker player am I