what is my punishment

so... i made a bet with shadow Freddy, shadow Bonnie, springtrap, and Freddy on a topic we don't need to say. i lost the bet, and i need to be punished.

my fate lies in your hands. also leave a comment for my next quiz and a challenge i should do. i need better friends. wait what am i talking about, you all are my friends

Created by: silverlightning985
  1. so first off, yes i need to stop taking bets from the fnaf crew. now i have to make another quiz after this one in nothing but my undies and yes they are in here.
  2. springtrap:ok so there are 5 of us that made the bet and 4 of use will be deciding silver's punishment. (shadow Freddy, shadow Bonnie, Freddy, and i)
  3. springtrap:first off me. what type of wedgie should he be given.
  4. shaf:me next! me next!. silver(me):shab you go next. shaf:hey! i wanted to go next silver:then don't be so annoying about it next time.
  5. shab:ok, what position should he be in getting spanked.
  6. shaf:me now silver(me):yes you now shaf:ok, what diaper humiliation should happen after this
  7. Freddy:i am last. silver(me):yes you are. Freddy:ok what punishment should follow after
  8. ok now would you put the suggestion for my next quiz.
  9. now what challenge would you like me to do
  10. bye

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