what dose shadow think of you?

do you think you can be shadow's bestie? or are you just flat out annoying or he just don't like you if you've been wondering that cilck here this is the quiz for u!

created by an 11 year old this is an simple quiz that has your language and your IQ that you are able to undrestand and thae very best part you can't get into trouble because it's parent approved!

Created by: andrea

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. who's your faviorite character off of sonic?
  2. are you good or evil?
  3. who do think will happen dr.eggman will destory us all ro will sonic defeat him?
  4. who do you think who will win in an to the death all out fight shadow or sonic?
  5. what' your dreamland?
  6. what your wepon of choice?
  7. who's your beastie?
  8. where the ideal place you'd like to be?
  9. what is your dream job?
  10. last but not least what did you think of this quiz

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