Your Date With Shadow The Hedgehog

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This quiz is designed for all the Shadow lovers out there who love to day dream about dating him. (please don't take it as an insult I'm one of those people).

Take this quiz to find out if Shadow hates you, loves you, or just likes you as a friend. (Shadow haters may also take this quiz if they want Shadow to murder them)

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  1. You're walking down the street, bored, and tired of walking. Shadow stops by you on his motorcycle and asks if you want a ride. How do you react?
  2. Shadow asks you if you'd wanna go somewhere and have some fun. What is your response?
  3. If you said yes, where would you want to go with Shadow out of these choices?
  4. Wherever you two decided to go, you had a good time. Shadow drives on his motorcycle to his house. He asks you if you want to hang out at his house for a while.
  5. You guys decide to watch a movie on TV while sitting on the couch. You notice that Shadow moved very close to you anc wrapped his arm around you.
  6. Shadow gets on top of you while hugging you, staring into your eyes. He softly kisses you.
  7. Shadow hols you tighter and is still kissing you on the couch.
  8. After that, he takes you home and walks you to the door. He hugs and kisses before he goes.
  9. Before you walk into your house, Shadow asks you if you want to spend the night at his house tonight.
  10. If you chose to spend the night, what do you plan to do?

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