What does Shadow think of you?

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Me/Kenzie: Ok hello! This is my first quiz ever I hope you enjoy and let’s get shadow! Shadow:*walks in* Hi Kenzie-cat! Me/Kenzie:I told you not to call me that! Shadow:don’t care!

Me/Kenzie:so this quiz is about what will shadow think of you so, answer honest and truthful! Shadow: also please don’t be a yandere.... me/Kenzie:why is that shadow? Shadow:I’m terrified of yanderes!

Created by: Eevee1

  1. Me/Kenzie:hi guys so I have my good friend shadow here, say hi shadow! Shadow:Why am I here again? Me/Kenzie: Really! You actually forgot! Shadow: Oh, Hi!
  2. Me/Kenzie:who do you ship shadow with? Shadow:really? Me/Kenzie: i thought you will like to know!
  3. Me/Kenzie:ok shadow you ask this one! Shadow:ok, ummm what’s your favorite color?
  4. Me/Kenzie:let me ask this one. Shadow:ok Me/Kenzie: are you evil,a hero,a smart person, or a kind,sweet,loving,person?
  5. Shadow:I got one! Me/kenzie:ok, nothing about sonic! Shadow:*smirks* what do you think about sonic? Me/Kenzie:really!
  6. Me/Kenzie: I got one! Shadow:ok, ask it Me/Kenzie: ok what do you think of tails!
  7. Me/Kenzie: ok, shadow has to go now..... Shadow: I’ll be back you know. Shadow:*kisses forhead* bye Kenzie-cat.
  8. Me/Kenzie: did you like this quiz?
  9. Me/Kenzie: did you answer the questions honestly?
  10. Me/Kenzie:bye then!

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