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  • Um, I hope all of you notice that this quiz is bogus. If I answer A B C D on every Q I get this. The test is made up and just a waste of time. The people that say they can get A's in school maybe need to look back and see what classes your taking. If you have trouble sleeping it's not because you have a disease its cause your "not tired" and if you wake up early you may just be a light sleeper. I am sorry to say but this quiz is a fake.

  • Water AHHH yeah. Me too. I can pay attention to school and I get A's, but it usually takes me two or three hours to fall asleep. Not normal. Plus I wake up at 4 in the morning--and I can't fall back to sleep. i also wake up at three and one. Do you guys think I have it? This quiz sure says so. Is there any treatment? My parents don't believe me that i have it, but I think i do.

  • Definitely insomnia. Good quiz!

  • i have trouble sleeping. and once, i stayed awake for 24 hours! i took this quiz to see if i had insomia

  • Sorta Weird! I have trouble sleeping, but all A+ in shcool!

    Water AHHH
  • im confused......

    Puppy xo1
  • I have pamnisia? I took this to see if I had the flue!

    Girly girl26

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