What if the world ended? Part: 1

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This is my new quiz series. The protagonist is Vanessa Crassus. In her past life filled with violence and many other things that would usually mess with a person.

Vanessa will have to face challenges on the road to being able to handle life, or quit it altogether. This is my quiz series, "What if the world ended?"

Created by: batman12506

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  1. Vanessa carefully stepped through the living room, in the dark it's difficult to navigate through all the useless items occupying space; random knickknacks here and there, pictures of her and twin brother, Levi. Stopping to stare at the one photo that tugged at her heart; Levi, Sawyer, Alexx, and her mom at the beach. Before Sawyer was sent to Military School, before Alexx tried to kill himself, before Levi took it as his personal duty to sleep with every girl willing to, before her mother started doing drugs again, and before this world went to s---.
  2. Vanessa felt her eyes start to water, and pushed my memory into the back of her mind. Focusing on the mission at the moment, she continued to guide herself in the direction of the staircase. Finally finding the stairs, she took a step, with a loud "creak" of the step she jumped back, knocking over a stool by the bar.
  3. Landing firmly onto her back. Wincing at the impact, but remembering the noise she just made. Not moving a muscle, waiting to hear a sign that she woken someone up. After two minutes of complete utter silence, Vanessa finally let go of the breath she was holding.
  4. Standing up, making it difficult with the pain in her back, she finally succeeded. Skipping the first step, Vanessa carefully tested the next one, before giving it all of her weight. She continued to do this technique until she reached the top. Quickly walking down the hallway, passing by pictures, not giving in at the mockery of the photos, she stayed persistent until she could grasp her doorknob.
  5. After carefully opening the door, following with a quiet "creak." Vanessa untied her shoes, leaving them at the doorway to her darkened bedroom. Turning on the light, and throwing herself on the bed with exhaustion. Vanessa pushed her blankets back, crawling underneath the warmth of her comforter.
  6. Vanessa reached over to her lamp, turning off the light with hopes of resting her eyes for at least a few hours. Cuddling up to the comforter, Vanessa felt her eyelids grow heavier and heavier by the minute. But her body refused to go into the oblivion she needed. Sitting back up, turning back on the lamp once more. She quickly stalked over to her closet and picked up the letter Sawyer sent to her before was sent away.
  7. Dear Nessie, You know I do not have a choice in this situation. And if I did, I would stay here with you. Even though you don't return my love, I will love you until I pass, and them some. You were there for me, when I needed you the most. When I felt like I couldn't go on any longer, you were there. I cannot repay anything to you. I know I am breaking your heart, but I love you. I 'll love you until I can't no more. No words can explain my love. You never returned it, I won't badger you, or persuade you into it. I know you'll move on, but to be honest, I won't. I will never. Just remember I love you. And anyone who loves you more than me, well I would like to meet that person some day. So I know for sure if they are good enough for my Nessie. I love you. Forever & Always, Sawyer Laythan Brecken
  8. Vanessa's eyes watered. She quickly wiped the tears away, moving the letter so it wouldn't get stained. Vanessa grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and started to write. "Life's unfair. Life is.....this world is too f---ed up to comprehend. I'm sick of trying to figure out every maze, trick, and riddle it comes to show. This world have taken everything away I have cared about. Every single thing. What if there was a different world? One where this one didn't exist? What if somehow the world ended and everyone finally came to their senses? What if the world ended?" Vanessa stopped writing and pulled out the medicine she stole from her mother, and the vodka she raided from the liquor cabinate. "Yeah, what if the world ended?" Vanessa took off the caps and shoved the pills into her mouth, following with the chaser. 'What if the world ended?"
  9. I think you know what's happening! It's the end of the first part. I hope you liked it.
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