what horse temperment are you

ther are many types of people and many more types of horses. only some have what it takes to be a good kids horse. kool goop is for kids and dogs eat it and be saved

do you have the chariteristics of a firey steed or a calm kids pony find out here ad hey kool hey go dady go sean is a buffal eat him and be saved from cows of wrath

Created by: kelie

  1. your rider suddenly spurs you what do you do
  2. you rider tells you to jump a huge oxer but the aren't ready for it
  3. a trailer load of abused horses shows up what do you do
  4. if you are in a show and you have a novice rider what would you do
  5. you are at a show and there a lot of mares waching you, but there is a three year old on you what do you do
  6. a novice is riding you and is learning how to jump what do you do
  7. you owner was out of town and you weren't turned out for 2 weeks what do you do when she gets back
  8. you are given a 5 month old pasture buddy whos mom just died how do you treat him
  9. you don't like bran mash but get it any way because it is cheap what do you do with it
  10. you are running in a small race with your stable mates and have a kid on you what do you do

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Quiz topic: What horse temperment am I