what horse are you

hi do you love horses find out what kind of horse you are and your friend might the same!!if there not you moght be horse bud's and you can galop in the friend ship feild if you horses hate each other oh well you still like your friend this game cant run you friend ship if it dose just tell them (friends like you are far and few i guss thats why theres just one you)

are you a horse lover if so find out what horse you are and tell your friends dont be sad if it is the horse you least like it's just a quiz well i had a lot of fun making this quiz and i hope you make a quiz to and tell me so i can take it well if you want more quizes e-mail me at dinky [no emails] well have fun oh and if you love horses join pony box and join the nikota sever well have fun

Created by: lily
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what animal do you like
  2. what element do you like
  3. what colour
  4. what is you outfit
  5. dragons
  6. swimming
  7. unicorns
  8. magic
  9. horses
  10. camping

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Quiz topic: What horse am I